About us

Our mission: solid and reliable

Solid and reliable, we provide a high standard of accountancy, tax advisory and bookkeeping services.

Our vision: a close partnership

Processes work best when they are carried out in close partnership. We value working very closely with our clients. We do not work for you: we work with you. Where we excel most of all, and what sets us apart, is our personal approach to businesses that are owned and managed by the same person or by a small group of people. For these clients, it is particularly vital to work in close partnership.

Our core values: personal and professional

HLG is built around skilled specialists who at heart are personal and professional. Our core values are:

  • acting with integrity
  • delivering quality
  • communicating proactively
  • delivering on what we have agreed
  • showing respect


Our clients: we are the perfect partner for SMEs

Our focus is on SMEs with a national coverage or international branches. Our clients also include family-owned businesses and non-profit organisations such as associations and foundations. Although most of our clients are based in the central part of the Netherlands, we also serve multinationals operating on the Dutch market or seeking to gain a foothold here.