Personal, transparant and clearly


Our approach: people before numbers

Partnerships work best if the partners have a ‘click’. Our maxim is ‘people before numbers’. We assign you a stable team of experts, and all communications go through a single point of contact: either an overall relationship manager or one of the firm’s partners. Your team will consist of the professional specialists that your company needs: for example an accountant, a tax specialist and, if necessary, a bookkeeper.


Expertise: licences and membership of professional associations

HLG is licensed to carry out the audits prescribed by law. Our licence was issued by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) based on a review of our quality control system. This licence makes us the ideal partner for companies with a statutory audit obligation.

We are also affiliated with a number of professional associations. Our firm is regularly reviewed by colleagues to establish whether we satisfy the quality standards. Continually updating our expertise is another key requirement of proper professionalism.