HLG was recommended to Isabella through our legal advisory firm AssumDelft. ‘With our international scope, we found ourselves needing a specialist accountancy firm. It turned out that HLG knew all about the preferences and obligations of our office in Denmark.

‘Over the years HLG has become more than our accountants, though: they’ve become a fully-blown sparring partner that doesn’t just handle our current matters, but also advises on the future and changing laws. We’re also very happy with how they handle questions that are less obvious. They help us to be prepared and to avoid unpleasant surprises.

‘To us, one particular strength lies in the active steps that they take and the broad range of assistance that they offer us – through both their own firm and their external network. We strongly recommend them to anyone, in the firm knowledge that HLG will deliver what they promise.’

R.R. Reineman Isabella Nederland B.V.