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What HLG can do for you

HLG is your partner in all your finances. For 25 years we have been the leading accounting firm in the Leusden area. Operating in the same world as your own business, we provide assurance, tax advisory and bookkeeping services. We can also prepare your company for sale, and oversee the actual sale process. We provide assistance with acquisitions or if you want to buy a stake in another company and can help you review your strategy for your company’s future.

We approach this from the human angle: we understand that emotions are in many ways the most important factor in the transaction. Our core values – what we stand for – are short lines of communication, fast response times and personal engagement.

Business Valuation

‘What is my company worth?’ This is a common question for business owners and shareholders. It arises whenever someone wishes to hand their business to a relative or sell it to a third party, when a conflict occurs between shareholders, or in the event of death of divorce.

Establishing the value of your company requires specialist expertise – an understanding of your company’s size, risk profile (required return), sector and financial results, its outlook and the economic environment and influences. A business valuation shows you where your company stands, and how successful you might become.

Register Valuator

The valuation is performed by a Registered Business Valuer: a financial expert specialising in calculating the value of companies. This is a relatively new profession, but already Registered Business Valuers are frequently being hired by business owners, lawyers, civil-law notaries and other specialists and professionals. Their services are in demand chiefly for business transfers, business acquisitions and disputes. Business valuations serve the following purposes: :

  • Sales and acquisitions of companies
  • Management buy-outs/buy-ins
  • Due diligence
  • Employee participation
  • Share or business valuation in the case of a divorce or a shareholder disagreement
  • Inheritance
  • Succession planning for family-owned businesses
  • Strategic and management decisions

Valuation as part of your operations

Business valuation is not only a useful tool when you want to sell your company or for settlement and acceptance in the event of disagreements. SMEs are valued for a variety of reasons:

  • to improve your company’s value as part of your strategic policies, with a view to the possibility of selling it further down the road
  • to improve your operational cash flow.

Having your company valued regularly gives you the data you need to make the right investments and so to grow. This does not only apply to large enterprises: regularly updating the valuation can also benefit smaller businesses in the SME sector. To help with this, we have developed the HLG Value Indication and Creation Quick Scan.

The HLG Value Indication Quick Scan

While companies with a profit motive can have a variety of missions, at heart they always pursue the same object: to maximise shareholder value.

The Value Indication Quick Scan does not measure the precise value of your company. Instead, it serves as a point of reference. The report describes what factors can add value to your company. It maps out your value drivers: the elements that you should develop in order to increase your value. If repeated regularly, the quick scan shows you how you are progressing.

Why you should perform a Value Indication Quick Scan:

  • the quick scan is a management tool and measuring instrument that you use as a point of reference for value management
  • it helps you to understand your company’s saleability
  • it explains what your company’s value drivers are

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